Call for Abstract

2nd World Congress on Concrete Structures & Concrete Technology, will be organized around the theme “Latest Innovations in Concrete Technology”

Concrete Structure 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Concrete Structure 2019

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 4-1Reinforced Beams and Slabs
  • Track 4-2Compression Members
  • Track 4-3Foundation and Retaining Structures
  • Track 4-4Miscellaneous Structures
  • Track 5-1Materials in Precast Structures
  • Track 5-2Precast Frame Analysis
  • Track 5-3Precast Concrete Floors
  • Track 5-4Precast Concrete Beams and Columns
  • Track 5-5Ties in Precast Concrete Structures
  • Track 6-1Classification of Concrete
  • Track 6-2Properties of Concrete
  • Track 6-3Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete
  • Track 6-4Concrete Making Materials - Cement, Aggregate and Water
  • Track 6-5Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures
  • Track 6-6Leak Sealing and Surface Coating
  • Track 7-1Water Reducing Admixtures
  • Track 7-2Retarding and Accelerating Admixtures
  • Track 7-3Air Entraining and Detraining Concrete Admixture
  • Track 7-4Grouting Admixtures
  • Track 7-5Bonding Admixtures
  • Track 7-6Fungicidal, Germicidal, Insecticidal Admixtures
  • Track 7-7Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures
  • Track 8-1Light-Weight Concrete
  • Track 8-2Vacuum Concrete
  • Track 8-3Waste Material based Concrete
  • Track 8-4Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Track 8-5Polymer Concrete Composites(PCCs)
  • Track 8-6Jet (Rapid Hardening) Cement Concrete
  • Track 9-1Damage Occurring during Construction
  • Track 9-2Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Track 9-3Cement and Aggregates
  • Track 9-4Polymers for Concrete Repair
  • Track 9-5Repairs to cracked Concrete
  • Track 9-6Leak Sealing and Surface Coating
  • Track 9-7Repair of Concrete Floors
  • Track 10-1Natural and Synthetic Polymers
  • Track 10-2Durability Problems in Concrete
  • Track 10-3Mechanisms of Concrete Deterioration
  • Track 10-4Classification of Concrete-Polymer Composites
  • Track 10-5Mechanisms and Practical Applications of Concrete-Polymer